AYRA is a Colombian based brand founded in 2015 by Rebeca Brand.
Later in 2016, Adriana Bruzual joined as Co-founder.

With Adriana’s passion for the Fashion Industry and Rebeca’s success in commercial and administrative roles, their vision was to provide the busy women of today an effortless and comfortable look that still remains stylish.   

Our brand is inspired by all those women who keep their traveling spirit alive. Women who are not afraid to escape and breathe the air of new places, women who are true believers that life is meant for great adventures. 

Our designs are detail oriented, prints that tell through illustrations, thousands of stories. We create pieces that can be worn on different occasions.

We are committed to Sustainability, for this reason, our fabrics are made of recycled plastic bottles; moreover, we choose to work with eco-friendly digital prints that don’t require water or chemical agents but do intensify its quality.




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